Navigating Through a Pandemic: Cannabis Operations
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Navigating Through a Pandemic: Cannabis Operations

Cannabis operations are having to learn how to navigate through a pandemic. With so much uncertainty in the world and in everyday life, it is no surprise that changes and adjustments are being made to cannabis operations globally as well. Social distancing, skeleton crews…you name it, companies are doing it. However, the silver lining is that companies now have plans in place for future lockdowns or quarantines. They have made the necessary changes needed to continue operations while ensuring the safety of their people and the viability of their organizations.

Unexpected Benefits

Another added benefit (I’m looking through rose-colored glasses) is the increased time individual employees are getting with their hands-on experience and more intimate relationship with their craft. The more time spent with the plants, extraction equipment, kitchen equipment, the product, etc. the better the organization. Challenges will certainly arise as they always do, but having these people learn how to handle them will benefit the company in the long term.

Cannabis Deemed Essential Business

If plans and pivots are coordinated and clear, it is business as usual in cannabis. And, the fact that many states consider cannabis “essential” is very promising. The stigma is beginning to fade. This very
legitimate and necessary medicine will continue to provide the therapy so many rely on. What a time to be alive.

Miscalculation Made by Some States

The states that have made the miscalculation of not deeming cannabis operations essential during this global pandemic are behind the eight-ball. They are depriving people of medicine. They are missing out on tax dollars that communities desperately need at this time. Ethically and financially they are wrong. Time will not be kind to those decisionmakers.

Cannabis Community Unites

To all in the industry, may you continue to push the goalposts and have continued success as we navigate through this global pandemic.

To the people who make this industry possible, you are most definitely essential in every way. We stand together in these trying times. It brings me joy to see the cannabis community coming together to help people in need — with both medicine and jobs. This industry is the best America has to offer — because it has the very best people America has to offer. Stay safe, everyone!

Hands-on experience

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