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Michigan METRC


API Agreement for METRC Integrators

Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency

Frequently asked questions for Michigan METRC:

How much will it cost for the system?

The system is free of charge. Licensees will only be required to pay the shipping and handling fees for the tag orders. LARA has elected to pay all associated support fees and tag costs.

How do I get started in Metrc?

Metrc is only available to licensees once they have received a license from the State of Michigan. Further information and a schedule of events will be available in the coming weeks. Please check back on the page periodically for updates. In the meantime, you can look at the Metrc videos on our YouTube channel for more information.

How do I get training or a demo of Metrc?

Metrc LLC and LARA will be publishing information and a schedule of events in the coming weeks. Please check back on the Metrc page periodically for updates. In the meantime, you can look at the Metrc videos on our YouTube channel for more information.

What POS systems will be available with Metrc?

Metrc offers an Interface called an API that allows 3rd party providers the ability to interface. You can locate more information on the Validated Integrators page above.

Will I have to use Metrc and a POS system?

A licensee can input sales data directly into Metrc through the user interface, but most licensees prefer to use 3rd party POS providers using the Metrc API (Application Programming Interface) or CSV (Comma-Separated Values) upload functions. Once we have worked out the details with LARA, more information will be available.

Will there be an API integration with Metrc?

Yes, please refer to the integration and API news on the Metrc webpage.

How does the system work?

Metrc is a hosted, real-time system that uses serialized tags with bar-code, human-readable and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags attached to every plant, and labels attached to wholesale packages to track marijuana inventory. Each tag is attached to a plant to facilitate tracking through different stages of growth, as well as the drying and curing processes.

Do I need to purchase any additional hardware such as computers, bar-code readers, or RFID readers?

Metrc is a completely web-hosted system. That means that all access to Metrc is done via the internet and only requires an internet connection and a web browser. Metrc does not require any additional hardware. Also, there is no software to download, install, or maintain.

Will other licensees be able to see my inventory information?

No. Licensees will only be able to access their own information through Metrc. They will not be able to see any information about any other licensee.

What if I have technical issues after the system has deployed?

Metrc LLC has a dedicated team of support staff who will be available to resolve any technical support issues. You can contact the support desk via phone or email.

Are RFID readers required?

You can accomplish all activities in Metrc without Bar-code scanners or RFID readers. Although the use of these tools can increase productivity and efficiencies, it will be up to each licensee to decide to use Bar-code or RFID readers, but you are not required to use either.

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FolioGrow METRC Page

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FolioGrow and METRC

FolioGrow is pleased to announce that we are now Metrc validated in 11 states, including Colorado. Now, there’s one more crucial way FolioGrow helps you Know More and Grow More.

What Is Metrc?

First, let’s talk about what Metrc is. METRC stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance. It is a cloud-based seed-to-sale solution required for licensed cannabis organizations in 14 states. The District of Columbia and Colorado are two states that require Metrc. Metrc is hosted on a web-based portal. In the portal, users log in and interact to report information for their licensed operations.

What Does Metrc Track?

Next, let’s explore what Metrc does and what it tracks. Basically, Metrc focuses on reporting, tracking, and compliance. They primarily track three things. To start, they track what you have on hand. After that, they track how much you have. And, finally, they track where it is in your facility. In addition, Metrc tracks the custody of plants and cannabis products produced or held by a licensed entity. Metrc also tracks all external transfers of plants and products between licensees. Finally, Metrc reports lab testing results for all finished cannabis products that will be sold in a dispensary.

How Does Metrc Work?

You may be wondering how Metrc works. First, cannabis producers (growers) purchase plant and package tags in the Metrc-required states for seed-to-sale tracking. The growers buy the tags through the Metrc platform. Afterward, the tags are embedded with barcodes and RFID technology. As a result, regulatory bodies ensure that plants and products are not illegally diverted to the black market. In summary, the Metrc system tracks and registers every plant, batch, harvest, and cannabis product. Logo



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