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What You Need to Know about Massachusetts METRC

Efficient compliance reporting is critical to a cannabis cultivation center’s success. Many cannabis cultivators claim that specialized software makes compliance reporting easier and more accurate. It also helps with information management and reporting required for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance (METRC). METRC is a web-based reporting and compliance system that tracks the producing, manufacturing, testing, distributing and selling of cannabis products. Its purpose is to promote consumer safety through compliance reporting and prevent product diversion from the legal medical and recreational market to the black market.

Massachusetts is one of 15 states that mandate use of METRC, and an increasing number of states are also mandating METRC seed-to-sale tracking system use. In many states cannabis businesses can use any “in-house” bookkeeping cultivation log practices they would like, but more states are transitioning to this software customized to capture cannabis cultivation cycles and data analysis.

Scaling up your business with a METRC-compatible platform can make reporting processes more accurate and efficient. A cannabis cultivation management platform (CCMP) offers seamless integration with METRC. It can automate and streamline certain tracking procedures. Seamless integration between METRC and your business platform makes time-consuming processes more efficient, and it offers real-time analytic insights that can boost productivity and revenue.

Benefits of Cultivation Management Software

Choosing the right cultivation management software platform is one of the most important decisions your cannabis businesses can make. One main benefit is increased operational efficiency.
Another advantage CCMPs offer is a structured and robust approach to data analytics. Financial projections are more accurate when a company has more precise data synthesis and analysis processes.
Scaling up is a very good thing, but it often comes with an urgent need for formalizing data collection and KPI assessment. These tasks can also be time-consuming and require great attention to detail. A cultivation team can optimize their time and data entry methods by switching to a software program that fully supports operational growth. A CCMP helps you strategize and design methods of data collection rather than taking a rushed, haphazard approach to reporting. A CCMP can help balance the demands of meeting real-time METRC reporting responsibilities and in person operational needs.

What is the Massachusetts Seed-to-Sale Tracking System?

Massachusetts requires careful documentation and reporting of cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, retail, and testing using METRC. It documents the inventory and movement of cannabis products.

Which Massachusetts State Agency Manages METRC?

The Cannabis Control Commission manages METRC.

How do I get started on Massachusetts METRC?

To get started, visit the Massachusetts METRC website and learn more about the requirements for cannabis businesses. License holders or their designated account managers must complete Metrc Account Manager New Business System Training in order to gain access to the METRC system. It is advised to complete this mandatory training while their annual license application is under review. Official METRC informational videos are available on YouTube, and they cover range of topics like Creating an Immature Plant Batch and Remediation in METRC.

You can create or access your account at the METRC (Massachusetts) Login webpage.

How does FolioGrow help with METRC?

FolioGrow is METRC validated in 11 states and is well regarded for its cannabis compliance and technology expertise. FolioGrow offers technical products and expert support for helping businesses optimize CCMP integration with Massachusetts METRC. We can help you streamline METRC documentation and reporting practices.

FolioGrow’s software platform optimizes efficient data collection, supports crop yield projections, and more. FolioGrow helps businesses cut through the data and make real time decisions. This software system is designed specifically FOR cultivation operators BY cultivators who understand the challenges of cannabis industry reporting. The app can be accessed via mobile device or computer, so it makes it easier for cultivation specialists to enter and analyze on the go.

Reduce Regulatory Risks

Data integrity means less risk of compliance problems. In a high-risk industry, taking precautions and the following policy is crucial. Plant traceability is important for promoting customer safety and legal market activity.

Added Value of FolioGrow Features

FolioGrow is designed to support your everyday management and reporting activities. However, it has many more features that can optimize routine business operations. Cultivation team members can use some functions to minimize a facility’s costs, time, effort, and overhead.

Some of the additional ways FolioGrow supports cultivation operation needs:

  • Video chat function allows team members to engage in instant communication and share visual images and notes re: plant health and potential pest, water and nutrient issues
  • Reduce time on tasks and increase accuracy
  • Analyze which strains are most cost effective
  • Accurate projections re: days until harvest

FolioGrow provides an infrastructure for financial, inventory, and other complex cultivation calculations so you can spend more time in the greenhouse.

Know your Grow Better: Cultivation Data Analytics

Data-driven business decisions help businesses reach their goals more efficiently. FolioGrow’s powerful data analytics functions can help with the following goals:

  • Reduce cost per pound
  • Improve KPIs
  • Compare margins with your competitors
  • Lower your cost per pound
  • Manage and track task assignments and team productivity
  • Manage strains, supplies, and track team members’ task assignments
  • Scale your business with analytics
  • Automate compliance reporting tasks
  • Monitor order fulfillment

FolioGrow’s user-friendly dashboard is especially convenient for accessing real-time data and actionable insights. You can stay up to date with FolioGrow for important news and policy updates.

Resources on Massachusetts METRC

To learn more about METRC, visit the following websites:

Expert Advice on Software compatible METRC Reporting

Contact a cannabis cultivation software expert if you would like more information about Massachusetts METRC or FolioGrow. We look forward to learning about your cultivation operation and your seed to sale
tracking needs.

Stay up to date with FolioGrow’s Massachusetts METRC updates.

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FolioGrow and METRC

FolioGrow is pleased to announce that we are now Metrc validated in 11 states, including Colorado. Now, there’s one more crucial way FolioGrow helps you Know More and Grow More.

What Is Metrc?

First, let’s talk about what Metrc is. METRC stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance. It is a cloud-based seed-to-sale solution required for licensed cannabis organizations in 14 states. The District of Columbia and Colorado are two states that require Metrc. Metrc is hosted on a web-based portal. In the portal, users log in and interact to report information for their licensed operations.

What Does Metrc Track?

Next, let’s explore what Metrc does and what it tracks. Basically, Metrc focuses on reporting, tracking, and compliance. They primarily track three things. To start, they track what you have on hand. After that, they track how much you have. And, finally, they track where it is in your facility. In addition, Metrc tracks the custody of plants and cannabis products produced or held by a licensed entity. Metrc also tracks all external transfers of plants and products between licensees. Finally, Metrc reports lab testing results for all finished cannabis products that will be sold in a dispensary.

How Does Metrc Work?

You may be wondering how Metrc works. First, cannabis producers (growers) purchase plant and package tags in the states where Metrc is required for seed-to-sale tracking. The growers buy the tags through the Metrc platform. Afterward, the tags are embedded with barcodes and RFID technology. As a result, regulatory bodies ensure that plants and products are not illegally diverted to the black market. In summary, the Metrc system tracks and registers every plant, batch, harvest, and cannabis product.

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