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By: Philip Petrini

Cannabis cultivation is a daily grind. Everyone dedicated to this industry can attest to that. But building a winning cannabis cultivation team is crucial for you to maximize grow profits – and FolioGrow can help you do just this.

Build Your Cultivation Team

Deciding what daily tasks each team member performs can be challenging. Identifying who should be assigned each task often comes down to something as simple as who showed up that day. But it doesn’t have to be this way. FolioGrow’s Task Management Software can provide information and insight to help you make more educated decisions.

Identify Harvest Team Leaders

Harvesting a room or crop involves a lot of effort from the team. One harvest can take all day or multiple days. If you build a team of your strongest harvesters, you’ll save time and money. So that’s why FolioGrow lets you identify key team members and track the time it takes for them to complete a harvest. That time becomes your baseline, and those people become your Harvest Team Leaders.

Determine Individual Strengths

In addition, when evaluating a team member’s performance, you need to be able to determine their individual strengths. If a team member is struggling with a task, what’s the reason? Is it a lack of training? Are they simply stronger in another area? FolioGrow’s Task Management Software not only helps you with this information, but it can also go even further into the specifics of individual employee data. A cultivation manager can see what plants an employee touched and what those plants yielded after a harvest. This allows managers to make informed decisions when building their teams and tasking cultivators each day.

Create Repeatability

With FolioGrow, a company can ensure their new employees have the training they need at their fingertips. Within the tasks themselves, a company can upload training videos, One Point Lessons, or visual aids. This creates a culture of repeatability for a cultivation operation. In turn, that helps make sure there’s consistency when cultivators are working on plants. The software allows employees to chat with the grow manager if something comes up or if they have questions. The employee can even upload photos or videos within the task.

Stay Ahead of Infestation

IPM (Integrated Pest Management) will become more organized and simplified. By uploading videos or images of plant pests, your IPM team can quickly identify issues before they become major problems. Also, within FolioGrow’s Financial Dashboard, a cultivation facility can add their preferred IPM tools vendors. Send a message to your vendor through the software for quick orders, and stay ahead of an infestation.

Cannabis cultivation operations need to be able to reduce costs and increase efficiency. With FolioGrow, you can: identify your harvest team leaders. Determine individual members’ strengths. Create consistent training. Stay ahead of an infestation. And through this, you will build a winning cannabis cultivation team. Because above all, FolioGrow allows cultivation facilities the freedom to focus on the biggest investments within their companies: their people and their plants!

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