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Selecting The Right Cannabis Breeders

By: Philip Petrini

Table of Contents:

  • Selecting the Right Cannabis Breeders for Your Organization
  • How Can FolioGrow Help Cannabis Breeders?
  • What FolioGrow Can Help Cannabis Breeders Track

Three Steps to Selecting the Right Cannabis Breeders for your Organization

For Cannabis Producers in legal markets, selecting the right Cannabis Breeders to source genetics from can be as important of a decision for an organization as what to name your company. According to Leafly, there are over 114 pages of strains on their website. Choosing which strains (cultivars, genotypes, phenotypes) to grow and the breeders to source them from, can be a very daunting task. If you ask 100 growers in the industry, you will get 100 different preferences for who is the best cannabis breeder. There are many good breeders in the industry. Selecting the best cultivars from the breeders with the best reputation and what strain varieties sell the best in your market, is the safest route an organization can take.

1. Research Cannabis Breeders

First, do your research. Every legitimate organization breeding cannabis genetics should have a website. They should also have reviews and be willing to speak to you regularly with questions you may have. If there are losses on your end, which there will certainly be from time to time, legitimate Cannabis Breeders should be willing to replace those losses for you. You should, if possible, visit the facility where the genetics are being bred and sourced from. If their facility has major issues or infestations, that is an immediate red flag. Do not bring those problems into your facility. If they are not willing to let you tour, that is also a red flag. Stay away from them.

2. Know Your Market

Due diligence, along with proper planning and research, sets good cannabis organizations apart from the rest. Know your market. If there are strains or flavor profiles that are selling the best in your state or region, selecting one or two strains to fit that demand will ensure success when selling your product. There are websites out there that aggregate this information for you. Searching your state and the term “Best Selling Cannabis Strains” will bring up plenty of information to comb through. The more you know, the more you grow.

3. Select Strains Strategically

Find the diamond. If you have built a relationship with a breeder, it may make sense to grow their latest and greatest exclusively. Being an exclusive source for the “new-new” can create buzz in your market. If smokers know that you have the latest drop from a specific breeder, you can start to build loyalty to your brand. People will start to identify you as being on the cutting edge and will trust your product more. If the Cannabis Breeders they know and respect are trusting you with the latest drops of cultivars, in their minds, you must be doing something right. Not all strains will be winners. The ones that are, can solidify you and the breeder respectively, into cannabis royalty.

Selecting the Right Cannabis Breeders: In Summary

At the end of the day, it all comes down to understanding your market and sourcing honest breeders. Do the research on the front end before you even plant a single seed or clone. The leg work up front will set you and your organization up for success. Be cautious of snakes (the industry has plenty) and you will have lasting longevity in the Cannabis Industry. Understand what strains are selling the best in your market, and know which cultivars are best in the various form factors, and you will be ahead of the game. It takes time, and mistakes will be made. With proper precaution and perseverance, you will get past them and gain a lot of knowledge along the way. You may also build a lasting relationship with the Breeders and Consumers in your market. Happy Growing!

How Can FolioGrow Help Cannabis Breeders?

By using FolioGrow’s Cannabis Cultivation Software,  Breeders can better understand the success and strength of the cultivars they produce. By utilizing the FolioGrow platform for tracking phenotypes, terpene profiles, potency, and success rates, Breeders will have the upper hand in the industry and will have hard data to back them up. If you are a Cannabis Breeder in the industry, you should be jumping at the opportunity to sign up for FolioGrow: The industry leader in cannabis cultivation software.

FolioGrow Can Help Cannabis Breeders in Understanding and Tracking of:

  • Strains
  • Phenotypes
  • R&D Strains
  • Mother/Father/Multi-Source Lineage and Health
  • Terpene Profiles
  • Potency
  • Consumable Inventory
  • Financials
  • Customers
  • Genetic Inventory
  • Environmentals in their breeding facilities (via API Integration)
  • Oversee the success and track the active crops in their breeding facilities
  • Reports and Dashboards for more accurate Data Analysis

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