Cannabis Cultivation Software Overview

FolioGrow is a cannabis cultivation software platform developed with the express purpose of using math and algorithms to improve results and yield in traditional farming practices. Our custom-built solution helps businesses in the farming industry manage their employees, growing process, research and development, and all aspects of growing crops. By continuously analyzing the numbers related to your crop (light, feed, time, trim, etc.) and comparing them to the results of each harvest, FolioGrow shows you how to best use your limited square footage to make the maximum profitability possible.

Grow Stakeholders

Easily project and forecast revenue of your grow. Real-time grow analytics give you the power to maximize efficiency, lower costs, and increase yields and profits.

  • Provides a 360-degree view into your business
  • Advanced Reporting identifies crop profitability 
  • Analyze historical crop data to maximize revenue
  • See exactly what your crop value is at any time
  • Enterprise Cloud Solution (ECS)
  • Requires no hardware or software to purchase
  • Robust and extendable to fit any grow operation
Realtime ROIs

Improve your yields while controlling your costs to improve your margins. You get up-to-the-minute access to your data in real time.

Strain Portfolios

Better understand which strains are the most profitable to your business. Treat your strains like stocks in a stock portfolio and react accordingly.

Flower and MiP’s

More insight into Flower and MiP’s production allows you to make better decisions that directly affect your bottom line.

Profits & Expenses

Managing costs helps increase profitability. You need to understand where your funds are being spent to control your expenses.

Grow Manager

Manage every aspect of your grow. Create and track your batches, tables and your unique growing processes. Assign and track task efficiencies for all team members. Analyze and improve each batch, allowing you to achieve higher yields.

  • Manage batches, strains, team members and supplies
  • Track employee tasks and activities in real time
  • Get a 360-degree view into your crop schedule
  • Instantly track ANY crop issues (mites, CO2, etc.)
  • Communicate, update and track all employee activities
  • Get detailed analytics to review each Team Member’s value
  • Set crop schedules months in advance to meet demand
  • Identify which growing methods produce the best yield
  • Track detailed R&D at the individual Strain Run Level
  • Identify which employees are most profitable
Team Task Manager

Know exactly what your team should be accomplishing for the day and get alerts when these tasks are not completed.

Easily Create Batches

Set up a new batch in seconds! FolioGrow makes sure your SOPs are being followed all the way through the grow process.

Batch Overviews

Organize your batches to meet specific deadlines and make sure your grow is humming at 100% at all times.

Batch Progress

Get batch detail information all the way down to the strain and even phenotype level. Know more, grow more!

Grow Team Members

Each team member works from a Grow Manager-assigned task list on their own mobile device. Tasks are tracked and analyzed across teams for optimum efficiency.

  • Easy-to-use mobile UI for on-the-job tracking
  • Mobile interface for “in room” task management
  • Member tasks and activities managed in real time
  • Built-in timer tracks team member productivity
  • Just-In-Time training available via app
  • Track time and actual results back to crop yield
  • Archive all communications and notes
Track Tasks

Get a list of tasks daily along with room/batch/table/strain-specific instructions. Track each task down to the second.

Create Task Notes

Strain-specific notes give quick tips to the team members to make sure the knowledge of the Grow Manager is in their hands.

Task Chat

Threaded discussions based on each batch follow through the entire grow process, making sure everyone on the team is in the loop.

Task Guidance

Just-In-Time (JIT) training is in each team member’s hand available for every task. Make sure your people have the knowledge to follow your guidelines when they need that information.

Grow Sales Managers

Your sales team can now track inventory, generate orders and sign contracts on their mobile devices from anywhere. It’s easy to track customers, view past orders and set pricing on the fly.

  • Track inventory
  • Create orders
  • Set pricing
  • Sign contracts
Monitor Inventory

Access current inventory while on the road. Create an order on the fly while meeting with your customer.

On-Location Ordering

Set the sell price via the mobile app. This data is then sent into the FG Reporting system to better understand strain profitability.

View Past Orders

Track customer information when creating contracts. Get your sales people, customers and warehouse team all on the same page.

Contract Signatures

Get a customer signature at the end of the contract process to make it official.

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cannabis cultivation software overview

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