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Keep Your Grow Manager Focused on Your Grow

Cannabis Cultivation Software for Grow Managers

Manage every aspect of your grow. Create and track your batches, tables, and your unique growing processes. Assign and track task efficiencies for all team members – and even see which employees are the most profitable. Analyze and improve each batch, allowing you to achieve higher yields.

Features of FolioGrow’s Software for Grow Managers:

  • Manage batches, strains, team members, and supplies
  • Track employee tasks and activities in real-time
  • Get a 360-degree view into your crop schedule
  • Instantly track ANY crop issues (mites, CO2, etc.)
  • Communicate, update, and track all employee activities
  • Get detailed analytics to review each Team Member’s value
  • Set crop schedules months in advance to meet demand
  • Identify which growing methods produce the best yield
  • Track detailed R&D at the individual Strain Run Level
  • Identify which employees are most profitable
Team Task Manager
team task manager cannabis cultivation software for grow managers

Our cannabis cultivation software for grow managers lets you know exactly what your team should be accomplishing for the day. And you’ll even get alerts when these tasks are not completed.

Easily Create Batches
easily create batches with FolioGrow's cannabis cultivation software for Grow Managers

Set up a new batch in seconds! FolioGrow makes sure your SOPs are being followed from the first step all the way through the grow process.

Batch Overviews
Get batch overviews with our cannabis cultivation software for grow managers

With FolioGrow, you can organize your batches to meet specific deadlines and make sure your grow is humming at 100% at all times.

Batch Progress
easily create and track batches in our software for grow managers

Get batch detail information all the way down to the strain, room, table, and even phenotype level. FolioGrow helps you and your Grow Managers know more, grow more!

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Download the FolioGrow InfoGuide

Download the FolioGrow InfoGuide

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