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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

The mission of the OMMA is to ensure patient access to safe medical marijuana and medical marijuana products. We look forward to working with you to ensure a safe, equitable, and effectively run medical marijuana industry.


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Call Center: 405-522-6662
[email protected]


For patient license questions or concerns, please call the OMMA Call Center at 405-522-6662 or email us at [email protected]

For information about product recalls, please email [email protected]


Please email [email protected] for questions about completing the OMMA physician registry or eligibility guidelines for recommending medical marijuana to patients.

FolioGrow and METRC

FolioGrow is pleased to announce that we are now Metrc validated in 11 states, including Colorado. Now, there’s one more crucial way FolioGrow helps you Know More and Grow More.

What Is Metrc?

First, let’s talk about what Metrc is. METRC stands for Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting & Compliance. It is a cloud-based seed-to-sale solution required for licensed cannabis organizations in 14 states. The District of Columbia and Colorado are two states that require Metrc. Metrc is hosted on a web-based portal. In the portal, users log in and interact to report information for their licensed operations.

What Does Metrc Track?

Next, let’s explore what Metrc does and what it tracks. Basically, Metrc focuses on reporting, tracking, and compliance. They primarily track three things. To start, they track what you have on hand. After that, they track how much you have. And, finally, they track where it is in your facility. In addition, Metrc tracks the custody of plants and cannabis products produced or held by a licensed entity. Metrc also tracks all external transfers of plants and products between licensees. Finally, Metrc reports lab testing results for all finished cannabis products that will be sold in a dispensary.

How Does Metrc Work?

You may be wondering how Metrc works. First, cannabis producers (growers) purchase plant and package tags in the states where Metrc is required for seed-to-sale tracking. The growers buy the tags through the Metrc platform. Afterward, the tags are embedded with barcodes and RFID technology. As a result, regulatory bodies ensure that plants and products are not illegally diverted to the black market. In summary, the Metrc system tracks and registers every plant, batch, harvest, and cannabis product.

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