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Keep Your Grow Team Task Focused

Our cannabis cultivation software for Team Members keeps your entire grow team focused on the tasks at hand. Each team member works from a  task list on their own mobile device that has been assigned by the Grow Manager. Tasks are tracked and analyzed across teams for optimum efficiency. Plus, you can create task notes, chat in real-time based on assigned tasks, and even guide team members through their tasks.

Features of FolioGrow’s Cannabis Cultivation Software for Team Members:

  • Easy-to-use mobile UI for on-the-job tracking
  • Mobile interface for “in room” task management
  • Member tasks and activities managed in real-time
  • Built-in timer tracks team member productivity
  • Just-In-Time training is available via the app
  • Track time and actual results back to crop yield
  • Archive all communications and notes
Track Tasks
track daily tasks with cannabis cultivation software for team members

Get a list of tasks daily along with room/batch/table/strain-specific instructions. Track each task down to the second. It’s all a cinch with our cannabis cultivation software for team members.

Create Task Notes
cannabis cultivation software for team members lets you create strain-specific notes

Strain-specific notes give quick tips to the team members to make sure the knowledge of the Grow Manager is in their hands. With FolioGrow’s software for team members, your team is always in the know.

Task Chat
Task chat based on each batch

Threaded discussions based on each batch follow through the entire grow process. As a result, everyone on the team is in the loop and up to date.

Task Guidance
Just-In-Time training for team members in our cannabis cultivation software

Just-In-Time (JIT) training is in each team member’s hand and available for every task. Make sure your people have the knowledge to follow your guidelines when they need that information.

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Download the FolioGrow InfoGuide

Download the FolioGrow InfoGuide

Want to learn more about this cannabis cultivation software solution? Download our InfoGuide.