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Give Your Stakeholders a Full View in Real-Time

Cannabis cultivation software for stakeholders from FolioGrow lets you easily project and forecast the revenue of your grow. Plus, real-time grow analytics give you the power to maximize efficiency, lower costs, and increase yields and profits.

Features of FolioGrow’s Cannabis Cultivation Software for Stakeholders:

  • Provides a 360-degree view into your business
  • Advanced Reporting identifies crop profitability 
  • Ability to analyze historical crop data to maximize revenue
  • See exactly what your crop value is at any time
  • Enterprise Cloud Solution (ECS)
  • Requires no hardware or software to purchase
  • Robust and extendable to fit any grow operation
Cannabis Cultivation Software for Stakeholders Dashboard
Real-Time ROIs
Real Time ROIs Dashboard for Stakeholders

Improve your yields while controlling your costs to improve your margins. You get up-to-the-minute access to your data in real-time so you always know where your return on investment stands.

Strain Portfolios
Strain Portfolios view for Stakeholders

Using FolioGrow’s strain portfolios, you can better understand which strains are the most profitable to your business. Treat your strains like stocks in a stock portfolio and react accordingly to increase your profitability.

Flower and MiP’s
Annual Pounds Production Chart Cannabis Cultivation Software for Stakeholders

More insight into Flower and MiP’s production allows you to make better decisions that directly affect your bottom line.

Profits & Expenses
Profits & Expenses Cost Per Pound View for Stakeholders

Managing costs helps increase profitability. You need to understand where your funds are being spent to control your expenses. FolioGrow’s Profits & Expenses dashboard not only shows you exactly where your funds are going, but also what percentage.

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