Seed to Sale CRM Software

Seed to Sale CRM – Potent Software for the Marijuana Industry

Seed to sale software for growers, distributors, manufacturers, and dispensaries serves two main purposes: increasing profits and staying in compliance.
Seed to sale software is marijuana tracking software or hemp processing software that follows your product from the moment the first seed is planted until the final sale is made. Track care such as feeding, watering, lighting, pesticides, and trimming as you grow, along with harvesting, testing, manufacturing, and distribution information. Seed to sale CRM also lets you track sales and client data. This provides insight about your clients and helps you manage customer relationships.

Power Up Profits with Seed to Sale Software

Track cultivation details with FolioGrow’s marijuana seed to sale software to see which conditions are helping your plants grow, in real time. Ensure that no vital steps in care are missed. Once harvest and test data are collected with this cannabis tracking system, you can see which plants produced the highest quality and quantity. Review growing cycle data in comparison to yield to learn which cultivating practices worked best for each type of plant. Apply what you learn from that data to plants from the same strains to produce the best results for your next batch. Track expenses for each plant and batch with seed to sale CRM too. Gathering data about specific supplies and labor used on each plant not only shows what works but also what you are spending. FolioGrow’s seed to sale CRM software includes staff management features that let you monitor staff efficiency and performance. Assign tasks to your staff in an app that they download to their phone. They communicate when tasks are complete, giving you a record of time spent on specific tasks and plant batches.
After you have packaged and sold your product, data from FolioGrow’s seed to sale tracking system lets you see which plants produced the most profit and predict the profits of current crops. Comparing production expenses to sale price provides you with the cost per pound of your marijuana. This lets you make data based decisions about which crops to plant and the most cost effective way to raise them. Keeping detailed records of all your plants at each stage of growth and sale also helps you stay in compliance with state cannabis rules. Regulatory agencies require all marijuana related businesses to be able to track the final product back to the point of origin and through all distribution channels. Conversion from one product to the other must also be tracked, such as the creation of oils, edibles, cannabis infused soap, candles, or other products.
And transportation manifests must document where the product goes and the chain of custody. This protects the safety of the consumer. If a health incident occurs, the offending batch or infused product can be pulled off shelves. Possible causes of the problem will be easier to determine if the plant has been tracked throughout its lifetime and during distribution. FolioGrow’s efficient seed to sale CRM provides an effective way to comply with this tracking requirement. Ensuring that all required testing has been completed, tracking any chemicals used, documenting any problems that occur, such as pests or fungi, and providing a record of your inventory, customers, and transactions are other ways that our seed to sale CRM helps keep you in compliance with various state regulations. And FolioGrow is designed to coordinate with METRC state specific track and trace systems as well.

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What’s the CRM in Seed to Sale CRM?

CRM is customer relationship management. Every industry must manage customer relationships and all the information and data related to each client. FolioGrow’s seed to sale CRM not only tracks your plants, but it also pulls together information from the point of sale, including customer data. Whether you are a grower who sells to third party distributors or directly to the consumer, you need a seed to sale CRM for tracking important sales and client information. Both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) sales benefit from knowledgeable, data-based ROI sales decisions. Just as you can determine what processes are most cost-effective for growing plants, you can also determine which sales processes and customers are bringing you the most profit for your efforts with FolioGrow’s seed to sale CRM. You can also track ongoing sales efforts and see where you are in the sales cycle for larger deals. Seed to sale CRM is a must-have for sales and marketing departments. Just guessing what works won’t make you money – data informed decisions grow your plants and grow your sales. Effective seed to sale CRM software keeps your current clients happy too. As you track contact with customers, you ensure that no one you should be contacting is falling through the cracks. This is important whether you are sending out coupons to individual buyers or maintain networking contacts with a large chain dispensary. You can also track client preferences and needs to tailor your service and marketing specifically for each client.

Why FolioGrow’s Seed to Sale CRM?

FolioGrow’s seed to sale CRM empowers you to make decisions based on real time data and historical results for all aspects of your cannabis cultivation enterprise. Analyze what works for your plants and use that information to foster repeatability of positive results and to forecast yields. Document testing results with built-in A/B testing. Stay in compliance with a seed to sale CRM that interfaces with METRC in several states. Ease the burden on your HR department and improve staff profitability: assign tasks and monitor completion, efficiency and production results, provide “just in time” training, archive communication, and track time off, compensation, and performance reviews in one easy to use system. Once product is sold, track profits and customer data for sales and marketing efforts at all levels.
And compile this data into shareholder information that breaks down your Cost per Pound and forecasts revenues like a stock dashboard. FolioGrow software uses complicated math algorithms, but it makes your life simpler and your business more profitable. Get increased peace of mind and more money at the same time – grow your plants, your team, and your profits with FolioGrow.



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